Koaladefi.finance presents the NFK: functional gamified NFTs.

Koala Defi Finance has been making big moves on both the BSC and Polygon chain these past couple of months. Now it’s time for the next big milestone!

After going crosschain, adding big partnerships and doing monthly project launches, now it’s time for Koala Defi’s own brand of functional NFTs: the NFK.

The Non Fungible Koalas (NFK) are a collection of 1000 uniquely cryptographic generated digital functional koalas on the blockchain by Koala Defi.

Every NFK will be 100% unique and will be generated out of 10 characteristics: Background, Base, body, arms, ears, eyes, legs, mouth, nose and accessories.

After the first 100 NFKs have been sold in early October, new utility will get added to the NFKs weekly to enable Stake 2 Earn, Play 2 Earn and more.

The assets used for the NFK characteristics will have a rarity score that will determine the rarity of the NFK. Out of almost 2,5 trillion unique possibilities, the 1000 best ones have been selected to become NFKs!
In total there will be 5 rarity tiers, with tier 1 being the most common NFKs.

To learn more about the NFKs and their tiers, please read the “Koala Defi presents the NFKs “medium blog.

October 2021 is Koala Defi’s big NFK utility month

After a wild month of the first 100 NFK sales (the first 100 instantly sold out) Koala Defi took a short break from the NFK sales to start adding utility to the NFKs and give them even more value.

During October stake 2 earn pools, play 2 earn, a NFK lottery, a NFK Arcade, the NFK marketplace, airdrops for NFK holders and more will get released on https://koaladefi.finance.

Read all about the NFK roadmap in Koala Defi’s medium “NFK update blog”.

NFK giveaway contest

To celebrate the sale of the first 100 NFK Koala Defi has decided to do a big giveaway of 3 NFKs with a gleam campaign.

The gleam campaign started in the second week of October and will offer true supporters of the project a nice chance of winning one of the three unique and very exclusive Non Fungible Koalas (NFKs) Koala Defi will give away in the last week of October.

Join Koala Defi’s Telegram or Twitter to stay up to date about this contest.

Learn more about Koala Defi

Website: https://koaladefi.finance
Telegram: https://t.me/koaladefichat
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KoalaDefi
Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/koaladefi
Instagram: https://instagram.com/koaladefi



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